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NameGlen Ball (m)

Date10-11-2010 02:30


Wow! Great work, thank you for taking the time to show it. I am very new to machining and sites like yours are a huge help. Thanks again for taking the time to share.

NameSerge (m)

Date23-09-2010 11:17


Mijn streefdoel is om ook zo een prachtige verzameling machines te bouwen of te kopen.
Op dit moment steek ik alleen computers in elkaar en ben ik gebruiker van Ubuntu-linux.
Ik ben ook geinteresseerd in Arduino en PIC-controllers als je dat iets zegt?
Ik zou graag mijn eigen CNC-machines bouwen.

NameJohn Petersen (m)

Date15-06-2010 15:48

CityIpswich, Queensland

Hello from Australia. Thank you for allowing me to see your efforts in metal work. I am new to this hobby having recently bought an old 9" Hercus lathe and an FG-30 Mill/Drill. At 71yr old, I am having the time of my life playing with my new toys and finding things to make to improve my old machinery. Kind Regards, John

NameEdwin (m)

Date06-05-2010 20:50


Leuke en mooi ik vind dit Super

NameRoger Bradshaw (m)

Date03-11-2009 10:11

Hi Gerard
Many thanks for the prompt reply to my email I have now downloaded the new drawing No2 for the index table from your site,but the replacment drawing for No8 can not be accessed it is telling me page does not exist,a minor glich I think.
I look forward to reading your construction description in the near future.
Again many thanks for access to all of your great designs
Kind Regards

NameJan geusens (m)

Date02-07-2009 18:56


Gerard u leverd zeer fijn werk , doe zo verder, als ik u ooit kan helpen , bel of mail gerust, mijn gsm 0475 415860

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