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Namemaes ronny (m)

Date19-10-2011 19:55


Hey Gerard,
Prachtige site! Ik vind het super om iemand die zo gedreven is in mijn groep te hebben.

Namepedro (m)

Date21-09-2011 23:41


great work, thanks for share

NameMike Beaty (m)

Date12-09-2011 23:53

CityGrand Coulee, WA

Really nice work- and don't apologize for your English, it's quite good. (Probably better than mine)


Date19-04-2011 15:10


Greetings from Canada ! Just came across your site and starting to look through it. I am a complete novice and thinking about a mill like yours. Hope to learn as much as I can from your site.

Thanks for the great resource.


NameTOM REED (m)

Date17-04-2011 08:48


Gerard you work is exceptional, I can only hope to be as good with my tools as you. I will be building your shaper and several of the other item you have illustrated. Don't ever worry about your english you do just fine, I would be pleased to call you friend and mentor. Tom

NameMARCO (m)

Date06-03-2011 18:12


Congratulations your projects are awesome, thanks a lot for sharing with us your ideas.

NameYAN (m)

Date22-02-2011 04:17

Great Job~ THZ~!!

NameGlen Ball (m)

Date10-11-2010 02:30


Wow! Great work, thank you for taking the time to show it. I am very new to machining and sites like yours are a huge help. Thanks again for taking the time to share.

NameSerge (m)

Date23-09-2010 11:17


Mijn streefdoel is om ook zo een prachtige verzameling machines te bouwen of te kopen.
Op dit moment steek ik alleen computers in elkaar en ben ik gebruiker van Ubuntu-linux.
Ik ben ook geinteresseerd in Arduino en PIC-controllers als je dat iets zegt?
Ik zou graag mijn eigen CNC-machines bouwen.

NameJohn Petersen (m)

Date15-06-2010 15:48

CityIpswich, Queensland

Hello from Australia. Thank you for allowing me to see your efforts in metal work. I am new to this hobby having recently bought an old 9" Hercus lathe and an FG-30 Mill/Drill. At 71yr old, I am having the time of my life playing with my new toys and finding things to make to improve my old machinery. Kind Regards, John

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