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NameBob Loss (m)

Date30-09-2013 12:54


Greetings from down under.
Awesome work Gerard -I'm also looking forward to seeing that shaper of yours.
Congrats all round!

NameBruce Bourdon (m)

Date11-09-2013 02:00


Hello Gerard, I really like your site, and excellent work on your projects!

Thank you so much for all of your help determining the parameters for the missing parts from my lathe. I had almost lost hope, and was close to giving up on it. Your volunteering to help, and repeatedly actually solving my problems is greatly appreciated, Thank You!

Your friend from New Hampshire, USA.

NameDennis Skaggs (m)

Date23-11-2012 06:32

CityOak Harbor

Hi you have some nice projects and there are a few that I am going to get started on right away

Look forward to some more.
Thanks Dennis

NameDavid S. (m)

Date21-09-2012 22:45


WOW, great projects, please tell me you have the plans to your tool grinder.
it looks fantastic and i would love to build it.

NameSteve Wan (m)

Date07-08-2012 06:48

Hi Gerard, I like your bigger machines and workshop, owing to my small home workshop and budget I use Sherline range instead. The tool and cutter looks similar to Quorn, I made a smaller type. Do drop me an email to share more on machine design. I'm making a baby Aciera F1/F3 now
Regards: Steve Wan

Reaction :

NameJon Sumpter (m)

Date09-03-2012 18:57

CityWaldport Oregon

Beautiful work! Great web page! I'm looking forward to seeing your shaper in operation. I have you in my favorites file.

NameJaime W Colon (m)

Date08-03-2012 22:39

CitySan Juan

A real pleasure to view your work.
I hope I can get to your level of expertise.
After many years of waiting, I now have my own workshop. Now making a motorized hacksaw.

NameHans Hogeslag (m)

Date12-02-2012 19:13


Gerard erg mooie site, ziet er net zo goed uit als je werkstukken die je maakt. De schaafbank gaat er erg goed uitzien. Ben verbaasd dat je dit met je huidige machine,s kunt maken. Wil hem tzt.graag werkend zien. Bedankt voor het spontaan ter beschikking stellen van de eerste serie tekeningen van de brunelle.

NameBob Snare (m)

Date04-02-2012 02:02

CityBoulder Colorado

Gerard very nice shop and site. Thanks for sharing!

NameRoman (m)

Date18-01-2012 13:47


Hi, Gerard! Great site, nice work.

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